Do all channels in Synapse have to work in tandem? And can the signal flow be reversed?


To preface this, I’m quickly turning into what appears to be a fanboy. I just got Nautilus and Bloom (and some black faceplates) from the NanoRand/Surface Promo. Nebulae was my first module, and I have plans for a few more as I continue looking into the manuals and what I’d like in my rack. You guys make great products!

I’m looking into getting Synapse as my main switch. I love the idea that other than switching, it can act as a makeshift VCA and has the voltage offset function which make this really appealing.

I’m going through the manual and it has me under the impression that all 4 channels can’t run independently which seems really restrictive to a module that would have insane value if it wasn’t. Potentially 4 separate switches with all the same (independent) functionalities sounds amazing


  1. +5DC Offset
    "When enabled, a +5V DC signal will be applied to each channel’s B input. "

If I were to use one channel as a DC offset, could I still use the other 3 channels as a normal switch if I use B’s input? Would the offset voltage add to any other signal I put into B? Or is the B input normaled to the voltage offset and patching a cable breaks it?

  1. Reversing the signal flow. Using Output(1/2/3/4) as an input and Input A/B as different output destinations.
    I realize that the Terminal/Advance and Scatter will have a similar effect. But I’d need to use 2 entire channels using the Terminal knob while also inadvertently changing the 3rd and 4th channel’s outputs

The thing I’m trying to understand is that it seems like if I want to use one channel for a specific functionality, I pretty much render the other 3 channels useless unless I’m doing the same thing 3 more times.

Like if I wanted to use Channel 1 as an Envelope VCA, Channel 2 as a DC offset macro control, Channel 3 as a 2ins(A/B)-1Out(3) Switch or an Attenuverter and Channel 4 as a 1in-2Outs switch I would not be able to do so. At best I could do two of those functions simultaneously

It’s a lot of HP I’d be investing in for it not to be able to playout the scenario above when looking at the module, intuitively, it seems like it should be able to. Am I wrong in assuming it can’t? If not, is it possible to make updates to the module to do this?

I’m currently comparing it to Instruo’s Tahn which doesn’t do exactly the same things (No VCA-like function and the offset voltage is fixed) but 2 of those is less $ and less HP I could use to get the missing functions.

Hey @Jaimison, I’d be happy to take a stab at your question. Also, I’m glad you are enjoying our modules!

The second part of your question is the answer. When no cables are present in either A or B of a channel’s inputs, then the channel normals to DC offset voltage. Adding a signal to either input turns the channel into a VCA, and adding signals to both A and B turns it into a Mixer. This is independent to each channel, as in:

  • Channel 1 could be set up as a DC offset voltage
  • Channel 2 could be a VCA for a synth voice
  • Channel 3 could be a CV Mixer for two sequences
  • Channel 4 could be a Audio Mixer driven by an internal LFO

Note that using the Terminal/Advance/Scatter parameters applies to all 4 channels. You cannot, say, remove Channel 1 from switching, and only switch between Channels 2-4.

Synapse cannot reverse the signal flow, though this is a great idea! If we ever do a Synapse revision, this would definitely be included in new features to consider.

Let me know if this answers your questions fully, and if you have any more!

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Hi @michael

Thanks for taking the time to read the post and reply

I see, ok, that’s cool!

I do hope the update does happen sooner rather than later. But I understand you all have other things on your plate.

Thanks again

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