Data Bender wet/dry

So perhaps this was already covered in the forum and im just not seeing it however just picked a data bender up today and for the few hours I have been messing with it I absolutely love it but it seems to me that when I have a bunch of cv in and the mix fully dry, it sounds like stuff is still coming through, especially the repeats, I dont know maybe im doing something wrong but that is kinda annoying

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Hey @DrDMT, I’d be happy to help troubleshoot this issue with you!

First, we will want to confirm that your Data Bender is on the most recent firmware update. You can use this section of the manual to find out which firmware your Data Bender is currently on.

If your Data Bender is not on v1.4.5, you can download the update file here and watch the update video below:

Once your firmware is up to date, check and see if any of the wet signal is bleeding through when fully dry.

We will want to check with no CV or Gate signals in the module, since certain signals will cause the wet signal to come through. Mainly, the mix CV input (obviously) and the Freeze gate input, which will jump to full wet when the mix knob is fully dry.

Let me know if any of this resolves the issue!

Thank you yup that seems to have taken care of the issue much appreciated cause that module is so awesome and that was kinda in the way

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That’s great to hear! Have fun with Data Bender!

Ever so slowly everything in my cases is being sold off and replaced with qu bit modules, absolutely love what you guys are doing, from the insanely relaxing tutorial videos to the sounds the modules are able to produce just love it

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Hi, just come into the forum with a similar issue and I found this old post.

I updated to v1.4.5 the Databender and I still have the following the issue.

Being in fully wet with or without having bend or break engaged, the dry signal still going thru. The dry audio going thru seems modulated in amplitude by the Time knob…

Any idea? Thank you very much in advance.