Data Bender - Corrupt FX LED advances with gate?

Hi, just got a Data Bender and loving it so far. I couldn’t find an answer online so: should the LED for Corrupt advance as the Corrupt input receives a gate to advance the FX? For example, should the light go from pink to orange as it switches from DJ Filter to Vinyl Sim?

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Hey @Mishegoss, great question!

Yes, the CORRUPT Gate Input will advance the Corrupt FXs sequentially. The CORRUPT Gate Input can also be configured as a buffer reset input by holding the SHIFT button and pressing the CORRUPT button.

Blue LED: Gate input cycles FX
Green LED: Gate input resets the buffer start point

Hope this helps!

Ahhh, I see. I had the gate set to reset not advance FX.

Thanks for the quick reply and this forum.

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Awesome, that you got it working! And thanks for being a part of the forum :slight_smile:

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