Data Bender as Delay

So I posted this suggestion in the Data Bender firmware thread but I wanted to make sure I hadn’t simply misunderstood anything.

When the data bender is running forwards at normal speed it is instantly applying the Corruption FX’s to the incoming signal, meaning we’re not hearing the buffer (unless in macro mode the bend/break kicks in).

So is there a way for me to run this as a basic buffer that runs forward?
My aim is to be able to patch it as a delay and I can sort of get there with micro mode, normal speed set to reverse - but the delays go back and forth due to it being reverse ofc.
Playing it forwards means it processes the input instantly as I said.

Can I get the buffer to play forwards at normal speeds and constantly hear it?

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I have the same question

It’d also be great for using it as a a simple sound-on-sound looper.

Maybe I’m just dumb cause (in my mind) obviously an audio buffer should be able to play 1x forward, but I don’t see a way.

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