CV not affecting crossfade position

I’m having a little trouble with my Synapse - the crossfade controls do not seem to respond to CV. All good with the crossfade knob and with the internal LFOs, but nada with anything plugged into the jack. I’m really hoping my Synapse isn’t defective, so is there any possible reason this might be going on that’s due to user error/ignorance? And if it does sound like a problem with the module, is there anything I might be able to do on my end to fix it?

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Hey @dokev, welcome to the forum! Your CV inputs should definitely work on Synapse. To confirm, have you tested that both the patch cable you are using, and the CV signal you are patching are both operating normally?

Yes, (unfortunately) this is the case regardless of CV source or patch cable.

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Thank you for the response, and for confirming that the issue seems to be isolated to the CV inputs on Synapse. Let’s dive into this further with our support team, since there is a chance that this is a hardware issue. I’ve sent you a DM with further instruction, and we will get this resolved asap!

Update on this: was just preparing it to take a video to send support and… it’s working perfectly! I’m not sure if it might have been a power issue or something since I had moved it elsewhere in the case while I erroneously believed it to faulty, but I’m just happy it’s working perfectly - love this module!

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Glad to hear it is working! Let me know if the issue ever pops back up, otherwise I hope you continue to have fun with your Synapse! It’s an underrated utility module imo