CV control of Bloom's parameters

Ir seems that if you send a CV to one of the parameters, e.g. Root, and then change from Channel 1 to Channel 2, the CV control no longer has any effect on Channel 1’s Root setting. This happens with all the parameters, e.g. Path, Branches, etc.

This is very limiting, and potentially confusing, when setting up two simultaneous channels of data.

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Update - with external CV applied to a parameter, e.g. Root, the CV affects the parameter of the channel currently selected. So, if you switch channels, that CV then starts to affect the second channel’s Root parameter, as well as ceasing to affect the first channel.

This seems crazy and makes CV control unworkable.

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You can use CV to modulate both channels at once by using the global editor mode.
This mode is documented on page 13 of the Bloom manual.

Holding the Channel button for 3 seconds will switch to the global editor.
The global editor is indicated by a white channel LED.
When editing things in the global editor all changes will be made to channels 1 and 2.
The following controls work separately for each channel:

  • Root
  • Path
  • Branches
  • Mutation

Hope this helps!

Thanks, but this doesn’t really solve the problem. What I’d like to be able to do is use CV to control one channel, but I don’t want to lose that control if I start to work on the other channel.

We made a specific design decision to accommodate CV on the selected channel, or on both channels in global mode. There is no way for the module to affect both channels with CV outside of global mode.

This seemed like the best decision to us due to the UI that we have available on the module.

Thanks for the quick reply, Andrew.

I take your point about the limitations of a single set of CV inputs, but I find that, if I’m using both Bloom channels in a particular patch, I won’t be able to use the CV functions at all, unless I’m interested in controlling both channels simultaneously.

I would suggest that the CV functionality would be more useful if it was confined to controlling just channel A, and for that function to remain operable on channel A when editing channel B.

Under those circumstances, it would of course still be useful to be able to use Global mode to control both channels simultaneously if required.

We will keep that in mind for a firmware update.

Thanks for the feedback!

You’re welcome.

My comments on this and other topics might come across as criticism whereas they are actually intended as feedback.

No worries at all. We’re happy to have you active on the forum, and your suggestions and feedback as well!

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I want to give a similar feedback that hopefully it could be take in consideration on a future firmware update.

I use a Deluge CV output to control my eurorack’s master key on a bunch of modules. It would be awesome if Root CV control could be applied to both channels simultaneously under “global” mode, so i can keep both Bloom channels control under “key” without having to change it while performing.

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