Custom Harmonization Firmware Update

There was discussion of allowing users to specify the way Chord harmonized, presumably via the config file. I emailed about this in May of 2019, then in June of 2020. Andrew related on both occasions that this was in the works.

As someone who still really likes their v2, I would love to see this feature finally realized! I see you have a forum now, so I figure it’s worth asking again here. Is this still under consideration?

Yes, this was in the works but got upended by the chip shortage.

We had to do a few different hardware revisions in order to keep the Chord in stock, which makes firmware updates problematic due to the multiple hardware in the field.

Would you mind sharing a photo of the back of your module?

We may be able to provide an update that you can use.

Hi @andrewikenberry. That does make sense, but is also unfortunate. Here’s my module back:

Thanks for sharing the photo!

Can you describe your ideal functionality in detail?

We talked over the application a little bit and wondered if it’s possible to achieve your desired results by setting the correct scale on your sequencer and then just using the Chord in harmonize mode major.

That should provide all modes of the major scale excluding minor, since minor has the dominant chord quality on the 5th scale degree.