Chord V2 Linear FM Input not linear?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to use the linear fm-input to have Chord always in Tune to what I’m playing for my live-jam case.

My other oscillators all get a “Base Note”-Voltage. I wanted to do something similar with the linear FM-Input of Chord:

In my understanding linear FM adds an (linear) offset to the played pitch. I found that approx. 2.208V into the linear-fm input gives me an Octave up with the Chord-Module.

“alright” I thought, “so I just have to multiply this with my “normal” transposition voltage” (for the others I can use addition since the V/Oct is not used to play chords)

The problem:

About 3/4 to 1V transposition I have to adjust the values downwards while after 1V I have to adjust those upwards… At 2V transposition I’d have to add like 5 semitones.

QU-Bit team: Is there some kind of function on the fm-input?
Or does anyone have an idea how to achieve this in another way?
It would be nice if the linear FM-Input really just would add an offset.

I hope I managed to explain myself somehow clearly. Hope some1 can help!


Hi Andy!

It’s important to note, that the linear FM input will not track v/oct.

It would need to be an exponential FM input, and be calibrated.
As a workaround, you could use a stored voltage source such as Make Noise Pressure Points.

Hope this helps!