Chord Quality Knob


I’ve been playing around with Chord in all the modes, but I can’t seem to notice the Quality knob doing anything to the chords

Is there an example setting I can put it in to notice a change when I turn the knob?

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Hey @Jaimison, great question! The Quality knob on Chord adjusts the chord quality (duh). This let’s you change a C major to a C minor, C diminished, C augmented 7, etc.

Quality only works on Chord if the internal auto-harmonization is off (Harm LED is off). This is because the Harm mode takes over what chord quality is played in order to stay in scale. Are you able to confirm that the Harm Mode is off when using the Quality knob?

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Yes! ok, It doesn’t say in either the quality or harm section about the knob being disabled. Confirmed, the Harm LED being off allows me to use the quality knob.


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I made a note to clarify this in the manual for the future. Glad you were able to get Quality working!