Cascade as white noise envelope

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I’m new here, so hello to everyone.
I’d like to understand if Cascade can be used as triggered white noise with attack and decay.
My goal is to enter with my guitar into the Larachd Instruo module and use It’s gate to trigger the Cascade, at the same from Larachd take my signal into the Cascade vca input to mantain the dry signal of the guitar and the white noise coming in and out with control on attack, decay and level function (just of the white noise).
Kind of Sandstorm pedal from Lagasp (

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Hey @SpaceDesewrt, welcome to the forum! Yes, you can definitely use Cascade for this purpose. The VCA outputs 4 different noise options if no cable is present in the VCA input, which are shaped by the envelope generator. This includes:

  • White Noise
  • Hi-Hat
  • Kick (Low Freq. Sine)
  • High Freq. Sine
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Thanks Michael!
Do you think I can still hear my audio in the vca and the White noise in parallel? Or do I have to choose between the vca in and the White noise?

Still thanks for welcoming and helping me out

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Currently, the VCA input overrides the internal sound generators. You would need to run a separate VCA for your other audio, and shape the VCA with Cascade’s envelope to match the white noise output. Hope this helps!

Hi Michael!
Would like to ask for your help one more time.
I’d like to understand what to expect if my guitar input is in the VCA input and nothing is patch in the trigger input: would I be still able to hear the audio? or there is no audio if nothing is triggered? My goal is to use it as a “tremolo”.


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You can hear audio running through Cascade’s VCA by turning up the Offset knob! You can think of the offset knob as the “lowest” point of the envelope and the Level knob as the “highest” point of the envelope.

If you aren’t already, you will want to make sure you are boosting your guitar signal before going into Cascade, since instrument level signals are a lot quiter than modular level signals.