Can the Nebulae v2 output CV (e.g. a slow moving sequence of voltages)?

Just wondering what the limitations are on the output of the Nebulae v2? I’m assuming the outputs are AC coupled and will filter out slow changes. I was hoping to build a Benjolin alternative instrument, but if it can’t output both, I should look at other options.

We’d love to see a Benjolin alt instr for the Neb!

The outputs are AC coupled though, so you would not be able to output CV signals or < 20Hz signals.

TBH, if I was going to do the Nebulae v2 over again, I would definitely add a CV output jack.
Something similar to the Nautilus “Sonar” output - configurable as CV/gate.

There is something magical about using data from a sound generator to modulate or clock other elements in a patch.


Maybe we can get a Nebulae v3 with clock in and a few CV outputs. That would be a dream to develop for. Wondering if there are better alternatives to Raspberry Pi now.

Clock in could be done with any of the inputs, however some already are ‘hardwired’ in the OS/firmware. You need to write that in the alt instrument code, counting pulses and calculate clock itself. Not sure if there is a CSound function for…