Bloom path/branches

So just picked up a Bloom, man awesome module, having a ton of fun with it but had a question regarding the path and branches, maybe I skimmed over this in the manual or missed it in the tutorial video (Johnos voice is really hypnotic and I tend to drift watching them at times lol) but it seems to me the path and branches are changing both channels on the sequencer is that supposed to be that way or can you individually control the channels?

Hey, it is supposed to work per channel, not globally. If you switch channels, try to turn both knobs (as well as mutate) fully ccw (I mean these would not represent the real state because they‘re shared) - return to the other channel and apply some twists to that again.

If you have both channels changing, you may be in the global edit mode (white LEDs as far as I recollect)…or are you using CV to control the paths/branches currently?

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Ok thats what I thought it was supposed to do, obviously im not doing something correctly, strange thing I noticed was when I would switch channels the sequence would be changing however the led would stay the same, no cv either, weird shit, still a cool module hopefully I can get this worked out

You’re likely more experienced than I, but I’m pretty sure there is a mode where you can globally impact both sequencers using the singular set of knobs (long hold on one of the upper buttons? Likely it’s the sequence selector).

I’m left wondering if you entered this mode by accident.

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Yep! Holding the Channel button down for 3 seconds will enter the Global Edit Mode, where all front panel parameters affect both channels simultaneously. You’ll know you are in the Global Edit Mode when all the LEDs are white (you will still see green and blue LEDs showing where each channel is at in their sequence).

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