Bloom Gate Length problem

It’s great to be able to edit the individual gate lengths (hold encoder down and turn), but if a step is Muted and then un-Muted, its gate length is reduced back to the minimum 6 mSec.

Can this fixed please?

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Another problem with Gate length editing: If step 1’s gate length is set to anything other than the minimum 6 mSec then, when the sequence starts, it will play a Tie on the first step.

It then plays its correct gate length during subsequent cycles of the sequence.

It’s only the very first step which is affected by this problem.

I noticed the issue with mute/unmute as well. It would be nice if gate length was preserved between mutes. Would love to see this ‘bug’ fixed, or better understand if it’s working as intended.

It would also be nice to have a global gate length adjust, but I haven’t found that. In my case, I want all gates to 50% duty cycle, unless otherwise modified.