Bloom Channel 1 - switching from blue to purple

I am a new Bloom owner. Purchased my module from someone else. It is the black faceplate. When I apply a clock, channel 1 switches from blue to purple every 8 steps. I have done a shift/reset on this channel and also put the module in global mode and then done a shift/reset and it still does it.

Channel 2 does not do this and is always green.

The manual only references ‘purple’ in relation to a channel being in a branch and at that only states channel 2 will blend from green to purple across the branches…nothing about channel 1 (it says channel 1 blends from blue to gold).

The fact that I reset the unit makes me feel like maybe its defective?

Hey @jb61264, welcome to the forum! Have you tried resetting the Branch knob by turning the knob CW, then fully CCW? It is possible that Bloom “remembers” a different Branch knob position for Channel 1 the last time it was powered. Bloom will hold that setting until the Branch knob input is updated.

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Hey Michael, thanks for that, it worked perfectly and reset the branch so it isn’t flipping between blue and purple anymore…


Sure thing! Always happy to help, and enjoy your Bloom!

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