Aurora's Configurable Settings - WARP_DEADZONES

Aurora is a really cool module and I’m starting to swap internal parameters in options.txt file to find the best possible configuration for me.
Actually, I’m happy with practically the inverse of the basic configuration :slight_smile:

However, there is still a parameter whose functioning is difficult for me to understand, neither from reading the instruction manuals, nor from practicing on the module itself: WARP_DEADZONES.

Can someone, maybe directly from the development team, elaborate on how it works?

Thank you and keep it up the great work !

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Hey @bagnolessa, welcome to the forum! I’d be happy to answer your question.

WARP_DEADZONES turns the knob “deadzones” on and off. What does that exactly mean?

A deadzone is a portion of a knob’s range that is dedicated to a single value.

In the case of the Warp knob, these single values are octaves! When the deadzones are on, it makes it easier to turn the knob and land on an octave. See the graphic below to understand the difference between the option being on and off:

With deadzones off, you can smoothly modulation the Warp knob without “snapping” to the octaves.

Let me know if you need further clarification!

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Thanks Michael for the explanation.
The graphic make it really clear now to me :slight_smile:

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