Aurora - Next Firmware?

I’m eager to hear if there are other firmwares planned for Aurora and what they could be.

We’ve got the original spectral reverby processor, the FDN firmware which is a more traditional reverb… so I’d love to see Qubit lean into the spectral processing nature and create a weirder, more abstract sound processor for the next firmware.

I’m a fan of the Spectral Clouds parasites mode of Clouds, it creates evolving bubbles of spectralised sounds, but is slightly fiddly to find sweet spots and is obviously stuck at 32khz. This is not to be confused with the standard Spectral Madness mode, which to me sounds pretty uninteresting if you’ve used a lot of spectral effects. I have seen very little online about the parasites Spectral Clouds but it’s a really interesting effect once you figure it out, I’ve made some unique smoothly evolving modifications of input sounds that I don’t think are possible with other tools I’ve used… and the sound seems to fit the whole Aurora aesthetic.

Another potential could be an endless generator, much like the new Blukac Endless, which has just been released and sounds pretty awesome from early videos. It seems to be a sort of buffer freezer with a really smooth and natural sound. Rossum’s Panharmonium also goes into this territory but is fairly lo-fi due to the application. However, given Aurora’s potential, I think something more ‘interesting’ like my first suggestion would be my personal preference.

Any other good ideas that would fit Aurora’s interface and general direction?


Thanks for these ideas!

I especially like the Spectral Clouds idea.
Many Clouds algos have already been ported onto the Daisy platform, so it may not be too difficult to set up.

I’ll run this by the team!


Hi, recently got an Aurora and just came to say that as well as enjoying the original fw i’d also love to see a version that leans into the spectral side, even if (especially if!) it ends up a little experimental. Would also love to see an alternative use for the Freeze button, seems like an oportunity to do something cool, currently its a bit of a clash with the general sound in any setting so i never use it & i imagine other feel the same. Keep up the great work


Things got very quiet around Aurora now. With Mojave as new granular module: What are the chances that Aurora will get Spectral Clouds? I’m still very into it. Thx!

I’d be keen for this as well, would be a shame if Aurora only ever gets one extra firmware!

Yes, still very much interested in this.

I think there’s also space for improvements to the core firmware too, the main thing being adding a slope control, to change how it handles high vs low frequencies. I get the impression it’s operating on a flat 3dB/Oct slope, so the atmosphere control acts as much as a low pass as it does a frequency threshold. If we could use Shift+Atmosphere to change the slope to be, say, 4.5dB/Oct then the atmosphere control would start acting as more of a frequency threshold in a uniform way across the frequencies and you’d lose that low pass sound. Ideally that shift knob control would go from 0 to 6dB/Oct, for some real tone scaping.

However I’m saying this without knowledge of its inner workings, this is just my experience with a lot of spectral processing.