Audio trapped in Mojave buffer

Just curious but has anyone had issues with the buffer on this module? Seems like every so often it just keeps on going with really old audio in it, im just using a fixed 8 second buffer at the moment and for example ill be running a sample from nebulae into it switch sample and the old will play for like over a minute till the new one kicks in, ill even unplug the audio and the buffer will still run for a really long time, ill let it run through completely plug audio back in and ill be cool for a while, again its every so often but just kinda trying to understand whats happening, reading over the manual numerous times I dont recall seeing an option to clesr that buffer at all yeah?

I noticed the same sometimes. Filling the full buffer with a long fixed seconds and hearing sometimes something that was put in the buffer before.
Sometimes that is nice but sometimes that is undesired.

Ok good to know because I was starting to think I was doing something wrong, on mine I noticed if im trying to use the microphone at all there is always old audio stuck in the buffer which I just chalked up to im not using the module properly but the normal buffer for whatever reason seems to wig out, just before posting this was the worst its been for me, I had a sample stuck for about 90 seconds, doesn’t even process the incoming audio till it decides it wants to stop playing

hello, just got mojave and found the same problem. It’s really annoying. Have you solved this problem? since qu-bit didn’t answer this thread. Just now, I already turn off all voices and sequencer (so mojave don’t receive any signal and clock) and suddenly mojave play sound. Weird. Yes I know random is good but I want fully control all of the things

So I have not figured this out at all and I 100% agree its really annoying, even more annoying that they haven’t responded, will say im glad im not the only one because I actually thought I was going crazy for a bit because I didn’t see anyone else post about this, its happening less frequently than it used to which is good but overall its just in the way, seems to happen to me right in the middle of a killer jam and just fucks the entire vibe up

Following up on this thread, I have our dev team looking into this issue right now. We should have a soft update that hopefully resolves this in the coming couple weeks. I will follow up in this thread once an update is available!

That is fantastic news! Its not the biggest issue or deal breaker with the module at all, still love it but always seems to happen to me while im groovin really nice and just throws everything off

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