Any chance of more scales for Mohave?

Or even better, the opportunity to program custom scales into Narwhal for use in Mojave. It’s good that there’s an unquantised option, but you can’t really run it out to an external quantiser, can you? It would be good to have the option to select- or program!- microtonal scales.

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We plan on implementing a custom scales option in Narwhal in Mojave’s next firmware update! We don’t have a hard date for it’s release, but know that it’s on our list :slight_smile:

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Good news. Mojave plays Sri Camel!

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This is fantastic news. I would love to confine the notes to certain chords. Even better would be to have a way to switch between them!

I have only had Mojave for a few days now, but my first impression is that the random pitch changes get out of hand really quickly, unless using a slow clock and long grain size. Being able to rien it in a bit by restricting to simple triads, etc. would be great.

I’ll be trying out the pentatonic scales asap to see if this works for me!

Okay so after trying out the pentatonic scales, it does a good job of taming the ‘distribute’ knob a bit, but it also quantizes the speed input, so doesn’t really achieve what I’m looking for.

I guess what I’d like a way to limit “distribute” to only choose cetian chords (intevals) within a given scale (‘sky mode’). It is seems difficult to have distribute play any sort of melodic accompanyment, because it is so random.

I’m using it differently. I’m not touching distribute or structure at all unless I’m using a single note (for which the MN Telharmonic is GREAT btw); I’m mostly running shortish slightly evolving sequences into Mojave, mix at about 2 o’clock, with speed providing harmonies (a flat third up in the harmonic minor scale say) or bass (a while octave down). In general terms, slow is better (see my video on here), and don’t try for too much. Subtlety is key I think…

Thanks for the tip! Playing arpeggios into the speed cv accomplished exactly what I had in mind, keeping structure at zero.

Really enjoying the module… so far just wish that structure was more… useful.