Absorb and Burst input/buttons cause pause in burst generation

Hi there!

I commented in a similar topic but I think the issue I am observing is broader than what was covered in that topic. I am sending a rising edge to the Pulsar’s Absorb input to act as a reset so that multiple bursts can agree on the start of the phrase. Unfortunately, when a rising edge is present at the absorb input then the burst resets but pauses for one step of the channel’s divison before advancing.

I’ve tried many combinations of master clock rates and channel divisions and am confident that the channel is always skipping 1 pulse of its division (not 1 pulse of the master clock). I think this is likely a bug or implementation issue. It makes sense to me that Pulsar would require two pulses of the master clock in order to advance but that is not what is happening. I’ve gone as far as having the master clock going at 24ppqn and my channel dividing by six. It still is always resting for a quarter note before advancing. That means Pulsar is waiting for 24 pulses of the master clock before advancing my channel’s burst.

Similiarly, if I input a gate to the Burst input, then the pattern resets, emits a burst if there is one on the first step, but then still skips a pulse of the channel’s division before advancing.

The same behavior is experienced when pressing the Absorb and Burst buttons. This is only a problem for channels that are synchronous. Asynchronous channels advance without skipping any pulses.

Hope all that info is helpful and not tedious. I have been trying to get Pulsar working for years in this manner and finally deciding to test a bunch of things to determine why it’s not doing what I expect. My hope is that this can be resolved via a firmware update. Best!


I’m running into exactly the same clock issue with my Pulsar. Since I really love this module (thanks Qu-Bit!) I hope a solution could be found soon.

Thanks and regards