-5v - +5v on the V/Oct and Lead inputs?

So one thing that I didn’t realise before I got the Qu-Bit Chord V2 was that the V/Oct and Lead input only have a CV range of 0v - +5v. When using the Chord V2 in free poly mode and unison poly mode the problem that arises is that I can’t play chords properly in the lower register of the keyboard. When in the lower register 2 of the notes will always play middle C while the other 2 are fine to play lower notes. Is there a reason those two inputs are 0v - +5v? and flow on question, is there a way to change it so that the inputs are -5v - +5v?

That is a very cool use case!
I have to admit I’ve never used a keyboard to play Chord before.

There is no way to change the range of the V/oct and Lead CV inputs, but there might be an effective workaround.

Can you describe your signal flow?

Are you sending voltage straight from your keyboard, or are you converting MIDI to voltage somewhere?

If we can shift the range of notes that are being sent, we should be able to mitigate the bottom end clamping behavior that you described.

Hi Andrew,

I have a Hermod which is running in a 4 voice poly mode, which converts my keyboard’s MIDI into multiple CV and Gate outs. Then I run those CV outs into the corresponding V/Oct input for each voice while in either Unison Poly or Free Poly mode, and then run each of the voice outputs into a separate VCA which then is controlled via the separate Gate outs on the Hermod. When you say shifting the range of notes being sent, what exactly would that entail?

The other thought I had, and I am not sure if it’s possible or how much work it would entail for you guys, but I also noticed that ‘Bank’ and ‘Waveform’ have a CV range of -5v - +5v. Seeing as in free poly mode and unison poly mode the ‘Voicing’ input controls the Fifth, and ‘Quality’ controls the Seventh. Would it be possible to have an SD Card Config setting which changes the ‘Bank’ input to Control the Root, and ‘Wave’ input to control the third, and then have the ‘V/Oct’ input and ‘Lead’ input control the Bank and Waveform respectively. The other side to this is then the inputs which control the V/Oct for each voice would be above their corresponding voice output, which would look quite tidy.

After looking at the Hermod manual, it looks like there is a setting for the CV input range between -5 to +5, and 0 to +5V.
You can try setting that to 0V to +5V range, and that might shift the notes into the usable range for the Chord.

Remapping the Bank and Wave inputs to control the Root and Third V/Oct is a great idea!
Let me talk this over with the team and see what they think.

And please chime back in regarding the Hermod setting.

I did quite a bit of messing around with the CV values of the Hermod and it doesn’t look like it any of it allows for playing the first two voices in the lower register with the Chord.