Using the z_Sample libraries

I was wondering if there’s a way of navigating into the z_Sample libraries’ folder on the USB stick of the Nebulae? I’ve often seen these when looking into the files on my stick, but never used them, as I can’t see how one accesses them without dragging them out of the folder, which would make it very clumsy to navigate around (them)! Is there something I’ve not seen in the manual?

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Hey @joesh, great question! The z_Sample library folder is only for sample storage. Nebulae can only access and upload samples from the root directory of the USB drive.

The only way to use these additional samples is to place them in the root directory of the USB Drive via a computer, and either:

  • reinserting the USB Drive into Nebulae, and holding the File while quickly pressing Source. This reuploads the samples into the Granular Instrument.


  • reinserting the USB Drive into Nebulae, and rebooting the module.

Let me know if this helps! We will definitely keep this idea in mind (a more comprehensive sample management system) for future revisions of Nebulae.

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Yes, I thought as much. To be quite honest, you really need to look into this because sample management and access should be top of the list for your unit (as adding a real one-shot mode too :wink:).

I would have thought the system you have for accessing the instrument section could be adapted? As an example, green for the instruments, and then ‘another colour’ for accessing the sample folders. Otherwise, to be quite hones, having dozens of samples (which you have to go through each time) on the root directory is a bit clumsy (especially for performance).

Thanks for the info, clears up my question.

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