Two Blooms, Very Different LED Brightness

Hey guys! Happy New Year.
I bought two Blooms recently brand new. I love them but I was wondering, is there a way to adjust the led brightness? One is “normal” (the one on the left) but the other is so bright that it makes it hard to look directly at. Would love to make them uniform brightness or at least pull down the level of the bright one a bit.

Thanks for your time!

Hi, Itattracts - and Happy New Year to you as well!
The Bloom on the left is the most recent hardware revision of Bloom (spotted by the black screw at the top of the note LED’s. Both Bloom’s functionally behave the exact same, the only difference is the hardware under the front panel. Changes were made to keep Bloom in production, and one of those visible changes is the LED brightness.

Great but that doesn’t answer the question. Is there a way to adjust or no?

Sorry this wasn’t clear–this is a no.