The Nebulae Cheat Sheet is here!

You’ve asked - we listened!
From a suggestion right here on our forum, we have created a cheat-sheet for the secondary functions on Nebulae. You can download it here:

Cheat-sheets are great for learning the muscle memory around a module as you settle into it. After a few times, you won’t ever need it again as you dive deeper into granular greatness.

Happy patching!


Heyhey, nice to have, thanks!
You could also add the „reset to default“-function on the sheet, which I don‘t even remember without looking the combo again. Was it source+pushing pitch-encoder?

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Oh, great suggestion—thank you!
It’s now updated and live on the site.
Also here for you:

Thanks again. Suggestions from the community always make us better.


Looking at this visual, is it possible to send a CV gate into the Source input while also CV to a knob to cause a secondary function parameter to be sequenced? Just a funny thought

Thank you! Just bolted my v2 in and will need all the help I can get!

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