Surface solid white lights

I have had the surface a few weeks and really dig this module. Just turned on my case and the three lights are solid White. I tried to reset and install the latest firmware but that is making no difference. Was working just fine and a bit bummed since I am playing out tomorrow. I sent an email to tech support but has anyone else experienced this issue?



I have the same problems.
I shutdown the case, then power on and it s usually ok…
But i don’t like this…

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I swamped cases and cables and nothing made a difference over the weekend. I put back in my mini Doepfer case and unplugged all the modules and plugged them back in. Guess what, now it is working. Still would love to hear back from Qu-bit on this issue.

@IOM76 Did you ever hear back from Qu-bit about this issue? Mine just started doing this.

I just got the three white lights today. Nothing has changed with my rack, and everything worked fine yesterday. I can’t even seem to connect over usb for a firmware update. My module is only 6-7 months old.

Waiting to hear back from tech support, really hope they or someone has some solution for this.

Sorry to hear this is happening to your Surface! Typically this issue happens when Surface is not receiving adequate power, or the firmware is not on the module. Seeing that it was working prior, I would suspect a power issue.

Are you able to confirm that the Surface can work by either being the only module powered, or if it works using different power cables and slots in your PSU? Or does the issue persist?

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Yes i did, i tried troubleshooting the power first. Im using the Tiptop Uzeus with the 3000mA boost, and according to Modular Grid my power supply is more than enough.

I tried using Surface alone on the psu, same problem. Then i tried using surface and Aurora, surface showed the white lights and Aurora booted up just fine. Also put Surface as close the psu as i could, and also as far as possible just because. The white lights persisted through all my tests

Thank you for the update on the troubleshoot! Though it is likely not the case, we can try reflashing the firmware onto Surface. You will need a computer and a microUSB cable for the firmware flash. This will also require recalibrating the module, which I have outlined below.

Here is the firmware file for Surface.

Head over to the Electrosmith Web Programmer. Make sure you are using a Google Chrome Web Browser. We are going to use this to flash the firmware onto your Surface’s Daisy.

You can follow the same instructions in our “How to update firmware on Data Bender” video to flash the firmware onto Surface. Note that this is not a firmware update for Surface, we are just reflashing the current firmware to see if it alleviates the issue.

If this does not resolve the issue, we will move forward with our support team and dive into the hardware itself!