Surface Pluck model

I’ve been playing with the Pluck model and I like it very much. However there are two observations of things that I think could be improved. I’m on V1.2.4.

  1. Module set to 4 voices and I’m “strumming” notes (between 2 and 3). Upon some intervals and mostly when strumming 2 notes the sound is slightly distorted. This is particularly noticeable when Tone is turned CW beyond 12 o’clock; Strike is between 2 and 3 o’clock and Decay between 10 and 11 o’clock. Not sure this happens with V1.1.1
  2. When I have longer sounding notes the sound has a Bell-like pitch variation which IMO somewhat tarnishes the otherwise excellent String sound. Could this either be removed or possibly another model be added to the Model knob (that has this removed; currently there are 7 - IMO more could easily be dialed in).

Kind regards,

Hey @mgd, that is very interesting, I am unable to recreate the distortion issue on my Surface, there might be a hardware issue with yours. I’ve DM’d you to dive into this further and get the issue resolved!