Surface Envelope

Hi there, hope your well. I love the sound of surface and it’s lay out is brilliant. However I have one major problem with its usability and this is the fact there is no polyphonic way to change the attack time. So I wondered, could the module be given an alt firmware when each gate triggers an envelope which controls are virtual VCA over the sound, per voice. For this, decay could be repurposed so that full counter clock wise you get slow attack and slow release and after 12 o’clock you get the behaviour the module has currently? Cheers!


I would be interested in this. Decay acts more like an variable envelope knob.

Hey @Hallaig, welcome to the forum! This would make a great alternate firmware for Surface. Let me chat with the feasibility of this addition with our engineering team and I’ll get back to you. To confirm, this is the type of update you’d like for Surface’s Decay knob, correct?:

Exactly! That would be great! Also quite a long attack on the full CCW, say 30-60 secs or something, cheers!

Hey there, hope you are well? Wondered if this update looks likely anytime soon? Would be amazing for all the ambient folks out there too :slight_smile: Cheers!

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