Surface(8 voice poly) changing the pitch of previously triggered voice without a trigger

I have pitch information from Bloom multed to Surface and Rings with the branche(s)r algorithm of O_c triggering them. Meaning that the pitch would be changing regardless of which module O_c chooses to trigger on that clock gate. The idea being that both modules would randomly take turns playing the same melody. They’re both in multi-voice settings.

When Surface is triggered and playing a C and the next note selects Rings is a G, the pitch information causes the C that is ringing out in Surface to shift up to G instead of continuing to ring out unaffected on C like I would think. The only time those notes don’t shift is if Surface receives a trigger when the pitch CV changes.

Is that supposed to happen? I assumed that whatever the settings were at when the note is triggered would remain until Surface reaches its voice limit.

Rings does the same.