Super Bloom (Module version with more channels and features)


I would like to gauge interest in a sort of supercharged version of Bloom that could function as a full-blown rack sequencing hub because it has the potential to sequence a larger rack with the amazing fractal possibilities and would rather not buy 2 of them! XD

Some upgrades to suggest:

  • 6 Gate Out
  • 6 CV/Pitch Out
  • 16 Knobs/steps (still with 4 pages)
  • 2 ins each for Root, Path, Branches, Mutation, Reset (each could influence a selected channel or ALL channels)
  • Per/step swing
  • Simple pattern-chaining control
  • Play/Stop button

Would anyone want a module like this? What other feature would you add? It’s kind of a dream… Maybe QuBit have thought about this already :wink:

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I would certainly be interested in a bloom 2, but more so in the direction of realising the original intention of bloom. There are so many little frustrations and potential improvements I’d rather they tackle that first before trying to expand it. Just my 2c.

Certainly the Super Bloom concept is enticing but I do agree with Vectorwarrior. I would really like to see an updated firmware for the current version of Bloom. At times it seems like a struggle for me to really get the results that I want - for example with changing the ROOT, it only shifts the current scale up or down but really doesn’t help in terms of creating chord progressions - I really would love to see a DIATONIC CHORD mode when CVing the ROOT or at least the ability to CV the SCALE type - right now the only way to do this is by using a SWITCH to switch between the two sequencers in BLOOM - and of course you are only limited to two scale types (i.e. Minor and Major)… As well, I really would like to see the CV for the CLOCK SPEED turn into a clock divider/multiplier when externally clocking the unit. Now that would be awesome. Those are only a few of my suggestions for improving the current unit! Thanks

I can see where you are coming from with the super bloom but the problem is you would lose some of the functionality and it would also be large and expensive, you would be better off with a second bloom (or even a third one?) then you retain full functionality. What I think bloom needs is a firmware update that includes clock multiplication/division by prime nunbers!

that would be cool - id like it

When was the last firmware update … to bloom, onlybjust bought it…

Just posted separate about updates