Status of library samples

Hello, some nice samples here. I wanted to know what is the status of the samples of your library. I’m making patches for various virtual synths/samplers, so to be short, can I use some in free or paid banks ? mentioning obviously ?
PS ; eventually do you look for other bank samples ? I do some Reaktor + processes samples.

Hey @krosstalk, welcome to the forum, and great question!

When it comes to our sample library, we prefer that our sample libraries only be used for free applications, such as the ones you mention, since the samples were given freely to the community by the artists.

RE additional samples: We are always happy to review and include new sample libraries to share with the community! Feel free to DM me if this is something you are interested. Note that we will review any and all sample libraries offered, but we do not always approve every sample library to be hosted on our site.

OK, @michael thanks for the answer, two points duly noted.
For the submission, I will check if something is interesting for you guys.
Is there any « rule » for samples like in file format, SR, res, max length etc ?

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File format is pretty flexible. Ideally, the samples would work within the requirements for Nebulae v2, our granular looper/DSP platform. Here are the specs:

Nebulae File Types:

  • .wav
  • .flac
  • .aif/.aif

File Sample Rate/Bit Depth:
Nebulae accepts audio files of any bit-depth/sample rate. However, the module runs at 48kHz and will play back all files at this sample rate (the main instrument will compensate for the difference between file sample rate and the system sample rate).

Maximum Sample Pack Size: 75MB. Nebulae only accepts 75MB of sample files to be loaded into the instrument at one time due to the immense processing happening to run the phase vocoder and granular engines simultaneously.

These are the only requirements for the sample libraries. The rest is up to your discretion!