Sale - do I add products to my cart or no?


I’m trying to take advantage of the End of Year sale. When I check out with the free modules in my cart it reflects only a 3 cent discount:


When I attempt to check out without the modules in my cart there’s no indication they’ll be added. How do I get the free modules included?


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Hello! I’d be happy to clarify the promo for you. In order for the promo to apply, our e-commerce platform must include a dollar amount dicount for the promo to apply. Once the order is placed, the promo acts as a note for our fulfillment center to include the 2 modules (Surface and Nano Rand) with your order.

Let me know if that makes sense! Just know that both modules will be in your order :slight_smile:

Gotcha - so I don’t have to include the modules in my cart?

That is correct, you do not need to add the modules to your cart!

Came here to purchase an Aurora and a Nautilus and seeing these messages about a free Nano Rand and Surface… Is there any details about that somewhere?

I’m pretty sure the sale ended December 31, 2022.