Red lights flashing

Hi, I seem to have a problem. Can anyone explain what’s happening when I get two red lights around the speed encoder flashing? I’ve never had this before, and I just plugged a sound source into the Nebulae to get some sounds into the Neb and suddenly it went into this odd flashing mode. I unplugged the record input, then reconnected and tried something else (another sampler - with a clarinet note), same again!

I’ve also tried restarting the unit and it seems that the Boot Up status is correct = White, Blue, Aqua. However, after that it just automatically goes into this flashing mode where the record button is automatically engaged. If I then switch the record button off it looks okay. However, once I repress the button it starts again. I also notice there’s no audio coming in (as far as I can hear).

Most strange, can someone tell me what’s happening (and of course what do I need to do)? Or, is there someway I can simply reset the whole module?

Thanks in advance.

Okay, forget the above post, I hadn’t noticed that I had plugged the sound source into the RECORD jack! As soon as I went back after reinstalling the firmware and tried again (this time putting into the INPUT not RECORD) I realised my own stupidity :doh:

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Glad you were able to resolve the issue! Happens to the best of us (don’t ask me how many times I’ve patched an external clock into Bloom’s Rate input instead of the Clock input :sweat_smile:)