Qu Bit Surface firmware update

Hi Guys,
spotted a you tube video the other day, which mentioned a new firmware update for the Surface. is this publically available at all?

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Yes, you can find the latest Surface firmware on the Surface product page.

The update is largely just tightening up a couple loose ends under the hood, and you will not experience any noticeable differences between firmware versions, but it is always nice to know you are the most up to date!

Inside the .zip file includes the update as well as instructions on how to update your Surface.

Hi Michael,
Many thanks for such a swift reply, I really like the surface, it produces some lovely sounds :slight_smile:

I had learned about the firmware update through a video myself. Is there a way to get notifications of FW updates?
I also would love to see release notes, e.g. inside the FW Zip. Even if there are “only” cosmetic changes. For 1.2.4 (coming from 1.2.0) the aforementioned video claimed one “fix” was an increase in output volume.

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@mgd, moving forward firmware releases will be more at the forefront of our announcements, as this firmware update for Surface was a hotfix issue (amplitude inconsistency across hardware revisions, tightening sequencing parameters via CV, etc.) that we notified affected customers about.

With that in mind, we are currently working on a Data Bender firmware update that will have full release notes as well as a coinciding video detailing the update that’ll be found both here on the forum and on our socials!

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Hi! Chiming in for a couple questions :raising_hand_man:

With the latest firmware, is the output volume quieter or louder, overall? I noticed my unit (still not updated) can easily go above 10Vpp, and that’s an issue if going straight into my Bluebox mixer, which supports Eurorack levels, but starts clipping a little above ±5V.

Is this about the timing between Decay modulation CV and Strike gate? I used the analog outputs of my Minibrute 2 keyboard to send CV/gate to play my (not updated) Surface, together with its velocity CV to control Surface’s decay. Unfortunately Surface seems to “sample” Decay CV not consistently, sometimes before striking (and that’s when it works as intended), sometimes after (and that causes the note to ignore its velocity, using the previous value). I fixed this introducing a very small delay on the gate (strike) signal, with an additional module.

Thanks! :wave: