Pulsar cheatsheet

Today I wanted to dive more into Pulsar and I got annoyed to look again and again in the manual, and then forget something and look again. So I made a cheatsheet. Took me a few hours, but at least like this anybody can have an easier first (and second!) contact with this great module. In my rack it stayed unused for months for this exact reason. The videos on YT existent in this moment are not enough, most of them don’t cover all the basic functions for each encoder/button. Some of them are great on the patching side, though. But as with any module, you have to know what you’re doing, or you eventually get blocked.
Please comment if you find anything wrong in the description (I checked it several times).
It’s a cheatsheet with all functions. For the description of the terms, please see the manual.

Download here:

Cheers everybody!

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This is a great cheatsheet! Pulsar is packed with features and functions, so having something like this is super helpful. Thank you for sharing it here on the forum!