PPQN for Data Bender external clock

Hey there,

I want to get the Data Bender soon and integrate it with external gear. For the best possible results I want to supply it with an external clock signal.
The brain of my setup so far is the Circuit Tracks (which also sends clock to Microfreak and Neutron via MIDI). It is able to output an analogue clock signal and it can be configured to run on the following different rates:

1 ppqn
2 ppqn (default)
4 ppqn
8 ppqn
24 ppqn

I looked in the Data Bender manual but couldn’t find what ppqn it expects. Anyone knows which pqqn rate the Data Bender uses? Then I think I can clock it from my Tracks :slight_smile:

Thank you already!

The Data Bender is 1 to 1 for PPQN.

Hope this helps!

I have a question regarding clock input on the Data Bender.
I would like to send a trigger pulse from a Kawai R100 to the input of the clock on the DB and use this to sync the effects of the Bender. The trigger pulse from the R100 is regular 5-volt, 20 ms trigger pulse. Could I program 16th note pulses on the Kawai and send that in to the clock in on the Data Bender and use that as sync?

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For all intents and purposes that signal from the Kawai R100 should work just fine! Qu-Bit modules typically require a minimum gate length of 5-6ms to function properly, so there should be no issue.