Overdrive only when fully wet without time/repeats


How can I use the satuator/overdive without hearing the time/repeats? I love to just having sounds being overdriven and later add the time/repeats. I went over the tutorials but cant find it.


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Hey @onderbox, welcome to the forum!

The best way to set up Data Bender to only hear the Corrupt effects would be to:

  • Clock your Data Bender with your sequence (or if you are running asynchronous audio into Data Bender, something that closely matches)
  • Turn Glitch Windowing off (hold SHIFT and turn the TIME knob fully counter-clockwise).

This should get your Data Bender as close to a seamless audio buffer as possible. Data Bender is still recording a buffer, and that is what you are hearing in the wet signal, but it should match with your dry audio signal quite nicely :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!

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