Out 1 on Bloom not sending signal - just flat drone

The out 1 on my Bloom seems to be no longer sending a signal and the led is not on. Channel 2 seems fine. Anything setting wise I might have missed that might cause this?

Hey @Elzgal, welcome to the forum! I’m sorry to hear about your Bloom! Let’s try this troubleshoot and see if we can get your channel 1 output working again.

First, check which version of Bloom you are running by using the step below:

Hold the RATCHET encoder down during bootup. After the module boots you will see the following based on the firmware version:

Versions before v1.0.6:

  • The module will boot up normally, and there will be no special indication.


  • The top-most Trunk LED, and the top-most central LED will both blink gold for three seconds while RATCHET is held down.

If your Bloom is not on the most recent firmware, then the Output Loss Fix will not work. You can find the download for the most recent update here.

Once you are certain your Bloom is on the most recent firmware, and if the issue still occurs, I recommend trying the Output Loss Fix twice if it does not work the first time.

Usually the second attempt is successful:

Hold SHIFT + LENGTH while the module boots up. This will restore all calibration data to the factory default (Calibration mode can still be reached if you want to fine tune the calibration).

Upon booting, the LEDs will cycle between blue and gold for three seconds to indicate that the data has been restored.

Outputs and CVs should work again at this point.