Nebulae v2 white push buttons

Hi …had a white push button (second from left in the bottom row of five white push buttons ) fall out ! Bought new and a fair bit of glue behind holding it in …any ideas where I can source a new one to fit ? Thanks (in UK)

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Hey @Crunchy, I’m sorry to hear about your button! To confirm, do you just want the button cap to replace the one that fell out, or are you looking to replace the whole button? If you could link a photo that would be super helpful too!

Does that help ?

Yes, this helps! Just a couple more questions to see what the damage is:

  1. Are all 4 clips on the button base still attached?
  2. Is the opaque plastic base of the button cap still attached and undamaged?

Here is a photo of the button pieces outside the module for reference:

If these pieces are still intact on your button, you should be able to pop the cap back on with no issues.
If the cap is damaged, I’d be happy to ship you a new one. If the base is damaged, then we will need to swap the button in house.

Also, to confirm, are you saying that you bought this Nebulae new, and it had glue holding the button together? Or that you glued the button after it fell out?

Well the pieces look intact on the top of the switch. Bought new from Juno over here Feb 2023… I still have the receipt. See pic where I have tried to show the glue. There was a good deal more than that but I pulled away some when the button first fell out to get it back in ! Andrew from Qu Bit has been speaking with the good people of Elevator Sound in Bristol (Ben) on my behalf on this issue if you want to speak with him ? (I have 7 or 8 of your modules inc this one and some bought from Elevator ) …cheers

Further investigation reveals the ribbon cable underneath was glued to the switch (see pic) …may have had a rogue unit ! It hasn’t actually been used since purchase apart from placing in the rack.
Juno have one in stock …you guys ok I go back to them for a replacement unit?

For info …currently discussing return under warranty with Juno in London via their support people. Hopefully you can liaise and sanction this ? Quickest way probably to get me a new Neb!

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Glad you are speaking with Andrew on this issue already! This definitely is not a new unit if there is glue on it. A return/exchange will be your best bet here.