Nebulae V2 input gain

I thought there was a way to adjust the input gain on the Nebulae with a button combo, but for the life of me I cannot find out where I found how to do it. Am I imagining things?

Hold Source and turn Speed encoder


Thank you!!
Just curious, I couldn’t find anything about this in the manual. Did I over look it or is there another resource for learning Nebulae functionality? Wondering what else I might be missing…

Hi there! No, you didn’t miss it–there’s a few things that are not in the manual that have been shared online. Glad you got an answer to your questions - thank you @Vantablack for that. :slight_smile: We’re working on a new version of the manual–stay tuned!


I got all things relating to Neb from mod wiggler forum. Qu-Bit Nebulae v2 - Page 69 - MOD WIGGLER

Hopefully when the new Neb firmware comes out, they also will redo the manual like DataBender’s. (edit: ah Johno, thanks for mentioning you will do!)

I didn’t know this either (input gain) and I have ben turning my Nebs inside out…

Any sign of a real manual with all the information about alternative combinations etc, such input gain? It’s a little bit frustrating to not have a more detailed manual with examples as well as explanations.

We have a refresh for the Nebulae manual in the pipeline, hopefully by the end of this year. Now that Nautilus is out, we are looking to “freshen up” other areas of the line up resource-wise, such as new manuals, video tutorials, etc.


It looks like the most of the features of the instruments are covered, but (some of) the features that come with the module itself (source press 1 sec = save / source+speed = input gain) are not.

All alternate instruments ‘share’ the features of the neb ‘firmware’ itself.

A bit offtopic:
Also I would not put the alternate instruments under ‘firmware’ on the QU-bit site, I see it makes it confusing with users.

The python/csound/SD card layer could be considered as os/firmware, but the alternate instruments are just ‘instruments’. I create alternate instruments for the stock firmware, but I have to tell users it has nothing to do with the original 1.2.2 firmware.

Cheers, Airell