Nebulae v2 - Alternate Instruments

Thanks for the quick reply, yes i was talking about the Alt instrument itself and indeed more than 5, the 5 first alt instrument works well and easy to find that more for the others not easy to figure out, i can see LED bottom buttons moving, i could imagine it’s kind of bank, flashing on the right more files on the right and so on but how to know in which pages/bank we are? Thanks so much for every thing Mars and Avalon.

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I have never used more than 5… but if you have more than 5, I believe you ‘scroll over’ all the Alt .instr from left to right with button 1 and button 5, such a way button 2, 3 and 4 will select Alt Instruments. There is no bank I believe, but scrolling like a ‘window’ over the sorted files: 1,2,3,4, [5,6,7] ,8,9 …

Now I know why I never use this :sweat_smile: . In the end I have a few USB sticks all with their own .instr and .wav/.flac files. For me Avalon and Mars are on the same stick, as Mars does not use audio files.

By the way, currently I’m working on a totally new version of Mars Affects. It now also contains a DJ type filter, VCA and even a ducking input… :wink:

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thanks ian for the explanation, and you right the best thing is to use different usb sticks, can’t wait for the new Mars Affects and trying out, thanks so much for you work.