Nebulae v1 ongoing issue

Hi- It seems that my previous attempt to establish whether my Nebulae v1 is reparable hit the brick wall of my not having a pc- so I would like to propose the following: you give me your mailing address, and I will ship the module to you, at my expense. You can then establish whether or not it works at all. If it doesn’t- keep it; it’s junk. If it can be repaired, please do so, then bill me for the cost of repair and the return postage, and with luck I will have a working module with which I can have hours of fun.

Sound like a deal?

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Hey @RtB, DM’d you to get the process started!

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Qu-Bit has lifetime warranty! You pay shipping costs, Qu-Bit will fix it for free :heart:

Good to hear! Although the likely charges to re-import to the UK *my own module * will offset any savings on the repair I’m sure…

For NL (or EU?): when all export paperwork is done correctly, no re-import tax/vat should be necessary as this is an ‘RMA’. Tax/vat on the new unit is already payed, you ‘only’ need to prove it. Customs will probably compare the serial number (or keep it as evidence) on send and return. I didn’t had to pay new tax for my Neb v2 module when it was returned from Qu-Bit.

When the unit is replaced by a new one (which I doubt with a v1) taxes do apply. There are some slight differences in when it’s fixed under warranty or not and what the costs of the replaced part are, but I could find any of it on the return papers. Maybe I got lucky, but the fact is, it is repaired, not new.

I did find return costs of a tracked package pretty high… it was the triple (uninsured) / double (insured) the amount of sending… but ‘free repairs’, where do you get that these days!

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Because they share the same address I also returned a 2hp Turing Machine as it, too, was faulty. The package was insured for £200, and a little part of me hopes it will be lost in transit… But I do really want a working v1.

Well, it’s back, and I love it! Hours of fun boiling my head in the studio last night running my now working Nebulae v1 into FDN Verb (via the MN Mimeophon). Got a mad enough sequence to warrant posting to FreeSound- my first upload there!

Endless sonic possibilities await. Thanks Qu-Bit!