Nebulae midi setup help!

I really wanna see if I can use my nebulae as a replacement for my microgranny (file upload + quality is so much easier/better) with my midi keyboard could someone give me a helping hand with the patch layout?

Currently have:
•midi to gate+cv
•line level output

Im sure I’m just being a novice but I’m having trouble getting the sample to play from the start I.e will trigger and key will correspond to pitch but sample plays freely and loops independently from gate trigger.

Any and all help :pray:

EDIT: I did not really read correctly and now see the question. The solution is marked in the following…:smiley:

Heyhey, since the Microgranny can do different things as well as the Nebulae: Can you please be more specific on the usecase?

Take for example, you wanted to stay at the default Granular-Instrument in Nebulae and “just” play the sample in different pitches:
→ Hook your Nebulae to the VCA which is then going to the Mainoutputmodule, a mixer, whathaveyou
→ Connect the ADSR to the VCA-CV
→ Connect Pitch-CV from your MIDI-CV-Converter to the Nebulaes Pitch-Input
Mult a Gate from your MIDI-CV-Converter to 1) the ADSR and 2) the Reset-Input of the Nebulae (if you want to restart your Sample at each Key)


If you want to use it as kind of a granular-Multisampler, most steps should be the same, but you’d want to use your Pitch-CV to the Start-CV-Input on Nebulae (and you’d maybe need to scale that with an Attenuator/Attenuverter + Offset-Generator) to select per key, where in the sample to hit.

Another thing would be the One-Shot-Sample-Player-Mode where you have 4 Samples at your disposal (although honestly the selection of samples for the channels there is to be improved for easier performance): With this, it really depends on a) how much Gate-Outs your MIDI-CV-Interface has and b) how they can be configured.
→ I have a Vermona QMi II as a MIDI-CV-Interface and it’s easy to use exactly 4 independent Gate-Outs for Nebulae, for example.

So, if this is not what you’re searching for, sorry. But in any case: What MIDI-CV-Interface do you have at hand?

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