Nebulae malfunction - not reinstalling firmware

Hello. Had an issue the other day with one of my usbs not loading properly - the lights on the nebulae just cycled on and on. I also have an issue where the top left or right light, one is always out and they no longer both are on at the same time in unity, which is odd. I’ve attempted to reinstall the granualar firmware and it’s not working. Ive got the firmware on a usb and turned on the nebulae (w/ no inputs) but it’s not performing the update. I’ve also checked for any loose bits on the back and can’t see anything wrong. Appreciate any advice. Thanks

Hey @percy13, welcome to the forum! I’m sorry to hear about your Nebulae issue, and we’d be happy to help troubleshoot it with you. I recommend starting over at the Nebulae support section of our website, where we have all the common troubleshoot guides for Nebulae laid out for you (these guides cover about 90% of all Nebulae issues, with the remaining involving in-shop repairs).

Here is the link to the support section.

If the troubleshoots do not resolve your issue, then you will be connected with our tech support team who will directly help resolve your issue!