Nautilus 20 sec audio buffer?

i am new here and i just received my nautilus,
my question is about the lenght of the delay . Is it possible to have a 20 sec delay with the tap button? or is the 20 sec audiobuffer delay something else, i searched the internet and manual , but i cannot find info about it. It is always stated in the description.

Already have a wonderful Aurora and just ordered a Bloom :slight_smile:

greeting from the Netherlands!

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Hey @Basic-Principles, welcome to the forum! Nautilus can accept a minimum of 4 seconds (15 bpm) in the Clock input. Setting an external clock to be slow, plus dividing the clock rate with resolution will get you those extra long delays. This, in combination with Cascade or Adrift modes, can even achieve near minute long delays! Hope this helps!

its excactly what i wanted to be explained, thank you very much!

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