Mix knob curve on Nautilus

I decided to return the Nautilus explicitly due to this issue. The method Qubit use for dry/wet control is NOT a feature, its a problem.

I will use ITB delays for a while, and if Qubit decide to provide an optional, more standard method of dry/mix control , ie simply add the mix amount of repeats to the incoming dry signal, (like >90% of delays pedals), then I would consider purchasing it again.

How long do we have to wait for this to get fixed? Its getting frustrating…

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Just got my nautilus and actually thought it was broken… but this seems to be a known “issue”
Any news on an update ?? Please :frowning:


Hi one more- the wet/dry seems wack.

Can you please fix it?

hey, this thread is now way over a year old - still no updates.
Can we please have an official statement if this will ever be fixed?


Not @andrewikenberry, but I can answer for the team. A Nautilus update is currently #1 on our list of priorities. We estimate that it will be happening within the next couple months. It will include the ability to change Mix curves via Narwhal, as well as some other features and polishes we want to implement.

Once we have more dev time under our belt on this update, we will share a bit more publicly about what features we are planning to add, and take suggestions from the community on additional features/changes that we may have overlooked.


There are so many other modular companies who will fix bugs literally overnight. But this one thing takes over a year and a half? I just don’t get it….

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I signed up just to come here and say the same thing others are. Please get a new firmware out for the mix knob situation. There is such a decrease in volume for me it makes it unusable in a lot of situations. It would be my favorite delay if not for this issue.

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Well, I can’t speak on behalf of QuBit, but if you check the thread, it seems apparent that it was a design choice and not a bug.

So a change in operation would be a new feature and not a bug fix. In the meantime they were releasing at least one new product which I guess took priority over everything but most of all addtions of new features (understandably, at least for me).
That being said, I also can’t wait for the update for Nautilus to arrive!

If your “design choice” affects functionality to the point where many people think it’s broken or unusable, then it’s pretty much equivalent to a “bug”, whatever the original intention was.

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