Live audio in (Nebulae v2)

First of all I would like to apologize for my English. Second I would like to congratulate Qu-bit for its module Nebulae V2. I am amazed and I keep digging in it.

According to a video from Namm 2018 (NAMM 2018 Qu Bit Electronix Nebulae V2 Walkthrough - YouTube), where Andrew is presenting the module, he sad that Qu-bit added new futures and one of them is live audio input. How is this possible? Must I first record the sound which I am feeding in to the module? Or can I manipulate the input sound live without recording? If, yes…the question is how?

Thank you in advance

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Thanks for your question, and your English is fine–we welcome and appreciate the international community!
As a granular engine, you still have to record the inputted signal before you can manipulate it with the default granular looper instrument.
For live-processing, there are the alternate instruments (some great reverbs and delays) that can process live sound.
Let us know if you have any other questions!


Dear Johno
Thank you very much for your quick reply. Your answer is very helpful. I will try all your suggestions.

While you still have to record something into the buffer to manipulate it, you still have a possibility to achieve something like “live input mode”. In terms of nebulae it called “circular recording”. To enable it you have to press and hold “source” button and tap “record” button. Also you can check in which mode your nebulae is working at the moment. If the “record” button is glowing while “source” button is pressed, you are in the circular mode.

To use this mode you have to set the length of the buffer at first:
Reset the buffer by pressing reset + file,
press “record” button and wait some time, press it again.
Now you have an buffer of some length. Note that the length of the buffer may have drastic affects on results, so try to play with it.

Now you can just tap record again and nebulae will continuously process the incoming signal while replacing the buffer again and again.

Hope that helps.

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Dear Oleg
thank you very much for your help, I will try it out as soon I put my fingers on the module again. You see I belong to the people for whom time to make music is a luxury. But I dont give up hope.
Thank you again very much
Greetings from Greece

Thanks for suggesting circular recording as well! Great technique, and definitely something that shouldn’t be missed on Nebulae!

Thanks for the explanation.

also @shensley

I am on 2.1.1

Just to recap what is my setup:

  • Audio in (from Plaits)
  • Circular mode off
  • Blend knob at Noon
  • Overlap at 2 o’clock
  • Window at Noon
  • Start at 0
  • Size at Max
  • Density at Noon
  • Trigger Record On/Off with a square wave from Pamela (every 8 bars @ 84 bpm)
  • Enable Circular mode
  • Trigger Record On/Off with a square wave from Pamela (every 8 bars @ 84 bpm)

On my side, something is still wrong, since I noticed the following:

  • In record mode (both direct and circular)I often get some sort of loud transient recorded at the end of the loop - it seems that by fiddling with both Blend and Overlap might make the transient disappear, but I have no idea of what might be causing that, or what I am actually doing when I fiddle with those knobs.
  • In circular mode, at times the audio starts to build up, the volume gets louder and louder, and starts distorting. What am I doing wrong to get to that behavior?
  • The position of the Blend knob seems to make a whole world of difference when recording. I need to keep it in the middle in order to record anything at all.

Does anyone have any idea of what I am doing wrong?

I can’t find any way to make circular recording work for me. I have recorded a buffer and then overdubbed onto it successfully by setting the blend knob between dry and granular so I know recording is working. But when I hold Source and then tap Record, the module seems to switch into circular mode but it doesn’t record any new material. If I hold Source down I can see that Record is lit so I assume that means it’s in the correct mode. But no new sound is recorded.

DOH! It seems obvious in hindsight, but you also have to activate the record button. LOL.

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I’m glad you were able to figure it out! Yes, the Source+Record combo switches to Circular Recording mode, but you will need to still activate record to set the buffer and re-record to record into it. Have fun with Circular Recording!