Input Levels On FW 1.45?

HI Folks,

I’m new here, but I am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to set the input level on this new firmware. If shift+mix is now for stereo width, how does one set the input level? Thanks for the help!


Hey @Som808, welcome to the forum! Data Bender currently does not have a way to adjust the input level. We’ll consider making it a possible configuration in the future, though it’d likely have to be an alternate firmware since all available shift functions are currently taken!

I’m not in the modular world yet but was considering making the Data Bender my first purchase. What I would like to do is have the Data Bender on a aux send of my mixer and use it as an effect. Is this possible? Could the input on the DB be adjusted to accept line level signals?

Hey @bionary, welcome to the forum! Data Bender cannot accept Line Level inputs, and you will need a modular level IO module like the 4ms Listen IO to accompany it. Hope this helps!

I’ve used it on a Mackie desk with the aux sends .
I used a singaux out but I routed the return back into its own two mono channels panned left and right… so I could add reverb and delays on the sends of that channels .
It’s a bit fiddly to get the gain staging right , but it’s workable .
Lave data set to full wet …
I used the preface Ron the sends sometimes for the full wet effect .
Hope this helps

I only use my eurorack modules as effect modules for other devices. To fix the ‘weak input level’ of Data Bender I bought the excellent little module Bastl Buddy pre-amp stereo mixer.