How to create and use WAVETABLES with Chord v2

In this video we will dip our feet in the water of wavetable synthesis and use WaveEdit to create wavetables for Chord.

Download the new set of 30 free wavetables from Qu-Bit:

Download WaveEdit from Synthesis Technology:

Learn more about Chord:

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16min45: “everybody’s head is bobbing right about now.” Are there cameras in my house? :joy:


Hey by the way –and please note, I don’t know what I’m talking about– but is it possible to create these wavetables in a manner that doesn’t involve use of a computer screen, instead of with the Waveedit software?

For anyone with a Nebulae V2, I have written an alternate instrument ‘Avalon’ for it. It reads the exact same WaveEdit waveforms, with some nice tricks up it’s sleeve.

It’s more of an E352 Cloud Terrarium ‘emulation’ with a X and Y matrix morphing and Z morphing which can also be stereo cross-panned with CV over left and right :sweat_smile:

So when you’re looking for a more E352 approach, try that one :smiley:

p.s. the Avalon git version (1.5) is newer than the one on the official site version (1.4). I don’t think QU-Bit points to git anymore… Unless you use ‘near silent wavs’, your fine with 1.4 .


Hi! Nice informative video. Left me wondering: is there a way I can scroll through (and select from my collection of custom banks of) wavetables on the sd card? Thanks for letting me know.

Hi, Voltmeister (great handle, btw). I’m sorry, but there’s support for only one user wavetable at a time on Chord.

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Hey Gwen - so sorry this got missed.
There are hardware-based wavetable synths that would have ways to export their wavetables, but it would be a little tedious (or not possible) to convert to wave edit format and be compatible with Chord. If you don’t want to use a computer to create wavetables, you could just download some of the MANY (like thousands?) of wavetables in the online tab in wave edit. What the community has uploaded and shared there is remarkable.

Thanks for letting me know. :smiley::pray: