How does Chord v2 set the key for harmonization?

How does Chord v2 set the key for harmonization?

The manual seems to imply that the chord quality stays within the key; I would guess maybe it means the quality knob adjusts but that seems to be disabled when in Harm Mode.

“Controls the Auto-Harmonization, and Quantization settings.
This will quantize the input V/Oct to the selected Harm mode’s scale, and automatically
adjust the chord quality to stay within the key”

You can set the key for harmonization with the harm button.
The current state is indicated by the harm LED.

Normal and Melody Mode

Blue = major
Green = minor

Poly Modes

Blue: all voices will be quantized to Major.
When the LED is Green all voices will be quantized to Minor.
When the LED is Teal all voices will be quantized to Chromatic.
When the LED is off all voices are unquantized.

Hope this helps!

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding but when I read keeping in key, it makes me think C4 x/voltage v/Oct would be quantized to major, D4 minor, etc

Is it just going to be a major scale harmonization no most yet what if harm mode is major?

That is correct.

Assuming you’re in major harm mode, a sequenced note of C would correspond to major chord quality, and D to minor.
If you were in minor harm mode, that would be minor and diminished respectively.

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Ok! That’s great and what I’m looking for!

Does harm mode just “learn” the key from when you hit the harm button? That’s what I’m trying to understand.

Thanks so much!

The key is defined by the current harm state.

If you press the harm button and the LED turns green, the key will have been changed to minor.

Hi. I searched for this topic online and having read this thread, I am still somewhat confused with setting the key, and not the scale, for Chord 2. It seems as though the scale (maj. or min.) is all in the key of C. Is there a way to change key from C to say D for example, and have the chords follow D as I, E as ii, G as IV, etc. I can do a work around by tuning Chord to D when pressing C on the keyboard, but I don’t love that approach. Thank you For your time.


Hi Greg,

The way that you mentioned is the correct way to accomplish this on the Chord.

Since the Chord uses voltage control for setting its pitch, the coarse frequency knob is responsible for setting the baseline pitch, or “key” in this case.

Hi! I would love to see a firmware update that addresses the issue with the key in the harmonized mode. The workaround that Greg uses is unsuitable for my setup and trivial to implement.

I also have this issue. I like to control multiple voices by sending a pitch CV to multiple modules from the same source CV. As the Chord works right now, I have to tie up a precision adder or a CV mixer to transpose the pitch CV to tonic C, then retune the Chord to offset the difference, just to get the Chord to work in the same tonic as the other modules.

I believe the auto-harmonization mode would be PERFECT if we were able to directly control the tonic of the key. To implement this, since the Quality knob is disabled during auto-harm mode you could simply use the Quality knob to directly select the tonic (this would shift all the chord degrees accordingly). Bonus points if this is also applied to the Quality CV in (CV control over tonic changes!).

Please seriously consider this firmware update request, it would greatly simplify auto-harm usage and make it fully self-reliant for my use. Thank you!