How can I find the hardware and firmware versions of a module?

I have Cascade and Data Bender, recently acquired. I want to know how to find the hardware version and the firmware version currently loaded. And I want to know how the firmware can be updated. What is the Daisy system? Thanks.

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Firmware version

There hasn’t been any post release firmware updates to Data Bender or Cascade so every unit in the wild is on the same version:
Data Bender: 1.1.0
Cascade: 1.0.2

When we release firmware updates, the LED boot sequence will indicate the firmware version.
You can expect this functionality in the forthcoming Data Bender update slated for the end of this month or early April.

Hardware Version

Cascade has not had any hardware revisions since release.

Data Bender has had multiple hardware revisions since release (thanks chip shortage), however the firmware is backwards compatible and you’ll be able to use the same firmware file to update regardless of the hardware rev on your unit.

Updating Firmware

Updating firmware on the Cascade or Data Bender works in the same manner.

  • Connect a micro USB cable from the Daisy board on the back of the module to your computer
  • Hold down the boot button(on the Daisy), and then press the reset button(on the Daisy). You can then release the boot button.
  • Drag the firmware .bin file that you downloaded on our website to the Daisy Web Programmer and follow the instructions on the page.

We also have a How To Flash tutorial video planned to be released alongside the new Data Bender firmware update.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the information, Andrew. So all I have to do is to check the shop page for a module to see if it has been updated. Cool.