Front Panel Replacement

I’d like to change the front panel of my data-bender, but the description about how to find what kind of panel correspond it is not clear for me.
Somebody knows how can I identify which panel is the correct one for my unit?

Thank you!

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Hey @morphido, I’d be happy to help out! The Data Bender panel options are no longer relevant, and the current panel fits both variations. The reason prior to this is that there are two different types of potentiometers being used on Data Benders as a response to the supply chain issues plaguing the industry.

Each pot type required a different panel hole size originally, but that issue has been mitigated by our most recent front panel revisions. I reverted it back to just one front panel variant for Data Bender to avoid confusion, and I hope this helps!


It helped! for sure!
Do you know if these panels are available in any distribution point in EU?

Thanks a lot!!!

They are only available directly through us at the moment. Otherwise, you might be able to special order a replacement panel through your local dealer, it just may take a longer time to receive.

Since replacement panels are only available directly, we do our best to keep shipping and customs fees down to mitigate costs as well!

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